Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

november 2013

   sashas throat /// andy sodas neck coverup /// shannons scarab 

california milkweed

been in Oakland for a week drawing on friends.. headed to the dusty dunes of the southwest wind to build a nest 'til summer.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

ATTN: all soul suckling cybervampires

Why do I have $3 in my pocket and feel as if I have absolutely zero support for my artwork when invisible  night specters TEAR MY IMAGES OFF THE INTERNET AND SELL MY LABOR INTENSIVE DRAWINGS to unassuming t-shirt labels and bands. Thank you for raping all that is just and pure in this burning world. You are the sole reason I do not have art shows, make zines, or update this festering venomous pit of metaverse psychosis.. Rot slowly, lonely friend, for you know who you are.
For band, skateboard, t-shirt art or if you'd like your truck airbrushed or your skin tattooed by a real life flesh sack with spirit in skull you can email me at A soulful thanks to those few breathing creatures who support the hunch backed cave dwellers with sweaty palms gripping rusted stolen pens and three day old coffee…

Saturday, October 12, 2013

jesus rides a pale horse

some art i never put in the outernet... past few years i've been mosaicing with "trash". larger projects will be kept secret until i decide to overcome my fear of the lecherous gaze of the public eye(s). land projects are the new frontier... these "fine art" pieces have left me hunchbacked and pale... no longer will i sit in a cave lurking over drawings no one will ever see and few will appreciate. going out into the world and figuring out how to create with my entire body.. the first piece is a sneak peak from a comic book i started two years ago and have yet to draw more than two pages..

born to die

 Craig's arm- Oakland, Ca
 Kate's thigh- Detroit, Mi
Marissa's left rib- Ettna, Ca

"Giving birth to thunder, sleeping with his daughter"

it's been a while since i've last updated blahblahblahhh its hard to do when you have no home or computer.. life is good as i'm about to crawl deep into the mountains of California's womb for a month or so... hope to see you on the other side... here are some tattoos i did on amazing women during a brief stint in Portland, Oregon.. in order of appearance- Annie (white zombay), Meg, and Mairin <3